Smokey Spicy Beef Skewers

by - 02 December

Mrs G's Hot Pepper Jellies is a product I have mentioned a few times here at DMC. It not only is a product I photograph, but it is a product I use quite often! It makes a beautiful glaze for biscuits,  a sweet and spicy addition for seasoned nuts, and as we've used hear for beef skewers, a wonderful addition to a tangy grilling sauce. But please.. PLEASE don't hesitate to eat it alone by the spoonful!! It's that YUMMY and perfectly balanced with heat on sweet! 

Depending on your own style, you have a few flavor options. I love the JA-HA for it's versatility, I can puree figs, cherries, prunes or apples, and make a chutney style barbecue sauce with it, or use it plain with an addition of crushed garlic and red pepper flakes.. these would be my preferences to accompany beef.  But for a chicken or fish perparation, I prefer the Jalapeño Garlic Lime, Mango Ginger and Peach habanero. (ohh the countless recipes I have yet to create) :)

For this Photo Shoot, I strictly used Mrs G's recipe from her web site. It's DE-LICIOUS! :)
Be sure to check out some of her other amazing flavor pairings and recipes!

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