Onion Skin Dyed Eggs

02 April

I don't know what's more exciting..
Learning a new art thats healthy as well as pretty, or styling a shoot with these gorgeous colors!

When I first read an article about naturally dying eggs with herbs and produce, I never thought I could achieve the depth of color that I did with yellow onions!

The onion skin in itself looks so pale and absent of colorants. But when they are boiled, the richness of color becomes bolder. I was so surprised at how quickly the white of the egg shell took on this amazing hue.

*I used the skin of one onion per egg. But, the color seemed a bit too dark for me, so if you would like a paler egg, add one less of the onion peels.

Onion Skin Dyed Eggs

The skins of Six Yellow Onions (or red onions) 
6 eggs
Pot of water

Place onion peels and eggs in pot of cold water. The water should just cover the eggs and peels. Let water come to a rolling boil, stirring a few times. Turn off heat and let the eggs and skins sit in pot for 20 minutes. Drain. Put in a separate bowl and wrap the skins around the eggs. Wrapping skins around the eggs will lend to different effects on the eggs. Some more spotted and mottled, some will even take on the stripes in the skins.

Place in the refrigerator until cool. Remove the skins and wipe the eggs dry. 
Store eggs in the fridge. Easy.. and beautiful!!

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